Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Remembrance gathers what has become dispersed, disperses what has become gathered, makes near what has grown remote and removes what has grown near.

It gathers together what has become dispersed within the servant: his heart, will and intention. For these to be separated, dispersed and dissipated is the worst of all torments, while in their union is happiness and life itself.

[Conversely], remembrance disperses that which has accumulated within the servant. Cares and woes, sadness and disappointment at not getting his share or at not getting what he seeks; greater and lesser sins and burdens all fall away, crumble and vanish.

Bringing nearer what is remote refers to the next world, which both the Devil and illusions render seemingly distant. For the servant who keeps to remembrance, it is as if he enters the next world and dwells there. When the next world is close to his heart, this one will grow distant; whenever that level is nearer to him, this one withdraws. And there is no way to this except through constancy in remembrance. And God is our helper.

Compiled From:
"The Invocation of God" - Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, pp. 81, 82

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