Thursday, September 24, 2009


(1) Refrain from sleeping between Subah and Ishraq; Asr and Maghrib; Maghrib and Isha

(2) Avoid sitting with stingy people

(3) Don’t sleep between people who sit

(4) Don’t eat and drink with your left hand

(5) Don’t eat those food you have taken out between your teeth

(6) Don’t break your knuckles

(7) Don’t look at the mirror in the night

(8) Don’t look at the sky while in salaath

(9) Don’t spit in the toilet

(10)Don’t clean your teeth with charcoal

(11)Sit and wear your trousers

(12)Don’t break tough things with your teeth

(13)Don’t blow on your food when it’s hot

(14)Don’t look for faults of others

(15)Don’t talk between iqamath and azan

(16)Don’t speak in the toilet

(17)Don’t speak tales about your friends

(18)Don’t antagonize your friends

(19)Don’t look behind frequently while walking

(20)Don’t stamp your feet while walking

(21)Don’t be suspicious about your friends

(22)Don’t speak lies at anytime

(23)Don’t smell and eat

(24)Speak clearly so others can understand

(25)Avoid travelling alone

(26)Don’t decide on your own but consult others who know

(27)Don’t be proud of yourself

(28)Don’t be sad about your food

(29)Don’t boast

(30)Don’t chase the beggars

(31)Treat your guests well with good heart

(32)Be patient when in poverty

(33)Assist a good cause

(34)Think of your faults and repent

(35)Do good to those who do bad to you

(36)Be satisfied with what you have

(37)Don’t sleep too much- it will cause forgetfulness

(38)Repent at least 100 times a day

(39)Don’t eat in darkness

(40 )Don’t eat mouthful

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