Saturday, April 18, 2009


Al-Hadid (The Iron)
Chapter 57: Verse 27 (partial)

"But the monasticism which they invented for themselves, We did not prescribe for them"

Pseudo-Spiritualism or monasticism goes to the other extreme of materialism. It differentiates between the religious and secular; the material and spiritual. Such views, in extreme sense, teach that people should disengage and withdraw from, or shun the material world and curb desires and pleasures of the flesh in order to achieve spiritual elevations.

Individuals holding such ideas usually live their life in seclusion, practice monasticism, engage in ritual worship, favour celibacy and keep out of worldly and social affairs as much as possible. They consider time spent in meditation, chanting and in prayer as important and a means to spiritual upliftment.

From an Islamic perspective, such a concept and beliefs are incompatible with human nature. They inevitably benumb, socially and politically, those who base their life on it. Such ideas lead to a culture of passivity and social exclusion, and also withdraw good and pious people from the affairs of society, giving way to the wicked to dominate.

Compiled From:
"Building a New Society" - Zahid Parvez, pp. 89-90

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