Saturday, April 18, 2009

Key of motivation

Ibu Hilal al-Askari wrote in his book al-Hath ala talab al-Ilm that Ibn Jarw al-Mawsili said: "One should delay one's lesson of literature and poetry to his time of boredom." Ibn al-Muraghi said: "One must trick oneself in learning."

He means that when one is bored or unmotivated, one should not give in to that or interrupt one's lesson or learning, but should rather deal with this lack of motivation and strive against one's boredom, until he overcomes it and achieves vitality and the revival of spirit.

This may be achieved sometimes through such actions as chewing gum, leaving an enclosed room for open space, moving from one room to another, taking a quick cold or hot shower, drinking a light drink, eating something light, talking to a friend, reciting some poetry, reciting Quran in a loud voice, changing one's posture, walking or going up, changing the subject or book being studied, or similar actions. There is a suitable way for everybody, and motivation has a key, which is not hidden from the intelligent determined one.

Compiled From:
"The Value of Time" - Abd Al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah, p. 66

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