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Political problems in Pakistan


1. Introduction
2. Political Uncertainty
3. Swirling Winds of Political, Social and Economical Uncertainty are blowing globally.
4. Impact of Western Imperialism
5. World political Scenario
6. Assessment of Bard O Neil about Tumult at Global Level
7. Views of Berry Turner about Peace
8. Multi-Flarious Political problems and Pakistan
9. Samuel P. Huntington
10. The Unilateralism
11. Plight of Pakistan in Historical Perspective
12. Views of Lawrence Ziring
13. Problems and Suggestions
14. Conclusion

In this age, man is groping in the dark with no light at the end of the tunnel. Man
in his nature is an amalgamation of aggression and submissiveness, hostility, and friendliness, and love and hate. At time he appears as a Greek god of valor, and
as coward as a surrendering soldier. Everywhere in the globe, he is as crafty, as
a vamp, and as stupid, as a mermaid. At the moment winds of political uncertainty, economic instability and economic backwardness, social turmoil and tumult are blowing globally. Rage, revolt, rebellion, and revenge remain dormant in his
nature but erupt like a volcano when aroused. There is uncertain tomorrow. Cruel competitions in every sphere of life, worldly set backs, sense of insecurity and instability in society and similar incidents inject restlessness into his soul. There
is no piece of mind in society. We remain worried and perturbed. Our minds keep wandering. The political tin pot Hitler and pharaohs of the modern age want to
grab the natural resources of the poor countries. Their restlessness and turbulence within has assumed unbearable proportions. The man of today thus remains perpetually perturbed.

At the moment swirling winds of political, economical and social uncertainty
are blowing globally. Man has generated casting away basic principles of
fair play and justice. Western Imperialism is like a mad dog, let loose to kill
the oppressed nations and destroy their culture, religion just to feed its belly.
The forging of national integration is a process that needs to be kept firmly on course through diligence on the part of all citizens. Inputs like honesty, accountability and justice on the part of our governmental and other public functionaries can certainly help in this regard. Time has proved that our credo
of tolerance is a right way to attaining peace and tranquility, not only at national but international level also.

Europe has risen as an Economic Giant. Japan has appeared as Phoenix from
the debris of defect. China has risen as a modern nation which is going to
shake the global economical and political. She has emerged as the Champion
of Third World Countries.

Bard E.O. Neil rightly says in ‘Insurgency and terrorism’:
“For years now we have been faced with and unstable, dangerous, tumultuous,
and frequently violent international political environment. The United Nations
is puppet in the hands of United States and is unable to help the oppressed nations.”
He also says:
“The last chapter of 20th century has just unfolded. If past is the prologue we
are in for continuous rough time for years now, we have been faced within
unstable, dangerous and frequent violent international political environment.”

The United Nations the chaste daughter of the chaste mother has failed to achieve its aims, which were global peace, global economic prosperity and elimination of all types of economic, political, and social exploitation.
Berry Turner rightly says in ‘The Statesmen’s Year Book 2000’ that United
Nations was created to create peace but unfortunately it has miserably failed
to create peace out of tumult.

It is equally true of Pakistan; we are living in a more chaotic and fractured
world.The big powers are out to decolorize the world and these are promoting hegemonic interest to keep the poor impoverished. Political Problems, Lack of Democracy, Dictatorship, Violation of fundamental Human Rights, Preemptive Strikes by United States, menace, Colonialism, Clash of Civilization, Internal
terror and Nuclear Proliferation have made the world unsafe and dangerous.

Samuel P. Huntington rightly says in his book “The Clash of Civilizations” that
this is a period of acute economic depression, declining standards of living, civil wars between the various vested interests and growing illiteracy. There are also problems of moral decline, cultural suicides and political disunity. Manifestation
of moral decline include anti-social behavior such as crime, drug abuse and
violence generally, family decay, general weakening of the work ethics and a
rise of a cult of personal indulgence, decreasing commitments to learning and intellectual activity lower levels of scholastic achievement point to manifestations
of moral decline in our society.

The Sole Superpower of the world- The United States as infact a Unilateralism Power, Violation of Fundamental Human Rights and Unrest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine depicts a gloomy picture of humanity at global level. What we need is peace and Tranquility. There are threats of Preemptive Strike. From US, Iran, Syria, and North Korea testify this fact that Might is Right.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, it past through Historical Stages.

1. Pakistan got independence in 1947 after a blob bath. After a departure
of Quaid-e-Azam we did everything to fail him and fail the great human
ideals for which he have been struggling throughout his life Pakistan was caught
in the cobweb of factionalism in the early days after his demise. This situation derived 1947
2. The period after 1958 was also horrible because President Ayub Khan
imposed Marshal Law which prevailed during 1959-1969.
3. In 1979, the cataclysmic event took place when East Pakistan was sliced
away from the motherland. Unfortunately it was all due to lack of democracy
in Pakistan.
4. During 1972-1977 again Pakistan despite democracy could not be
steered well. The Constitution of 1973 a big achievement of Zulfiqar Ali
Bhutto. Lawrence Ziring rightly says in his book ‘Pakistan: The Enigma of
Political Development’ that “The Constitution of 1973 belongs to the people of Pakistan”.
5. During 1977-1988 again Marshal Law was imposed by General
Zia ul Haq. Piecemeal Islamization process was not successful and the
dream of an Islamic Welfare State could not be fulfilled.
6. The period 1988-96 was again a period of Political turmoil and Democracy
couldn’t be strengthening in Pakistan. The Book ‘Siyasat ke Firaun’ written
by Vakeel Anjum comprising 469 pages aptly but pathetically depicts the
dismal picture of rules of feudalism, military and Bureaucracy in the
Democratize process of Pakistan. Unfortunately full blooded democracy
could not flourish in Pakistan.

After 1996 various democratize Governments were toppled. In 1999
there was coup data by General Pervaiz Musharraf who claims in his Book
‘In the line of fire’ that he is the savior of Pakistan but the fact is that
Pakistan is still ruled by Military Janta.

We are suffering from ‘Struthunian Effect’ what the economist called ‘Ostrich Syndrome’. We need self-reliance in every filed of life. We need sincere
leadership, enlightened moderation, and hard work in every field of life. Life
is not a bed of roses. 3Many a thorn pricks us and then we bleed but life has
got to be lived; realities of life have to be faced and battles for the existence
have to be fought. Let us fight them bravely and heroically, so that victory may ultimately smile upon us. Out of our stolen smiles and out of our crucified youth,
life will emerge ultimately.

Let us sing with Percy B Shelley:
“If winter comes,
Can Spring be far behind?”

There is a dire need for launching of an Alliance of Civilization to bridge over
divides to quote the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. We must bring the
world out of darkness, ignorance, oppression and tyranny and into the light
of truth, justice, fair lay, tolerance, mutual love and understanding, developing science and knowledge and peaceful co-existence. (814, words)
Let us prepare ourselves for taking upon the challenges facing us, so that we emerge as forward looking and dynamic nation dedicated towards progress,
growth, development and peace.

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