Saturday, August 7, 2010


The civilization of unbelievers is mostly founded upon five negative principles:
  1. It is based upon power, and power is inclined toward oppression.
  2. It seeks to realize individual self-interest, even though this causes people to rush about madly trying to earn possessions.
  3. It considers life as a struggle, which causes internal and external conflict.
  4. It unifies through national and/or racial separatism, and feeds this selfish solidarity by swallowing the resources and territories of "others," both of which engender terrible conflict.
  5. It strives to satisfy novel caprices or aroused desires (whether the satisfaction is real or not), and so brutalizes people's tastes and aspirations.

Islamic civilization on the other hand is founded upon five positive principles:

  1. It rests upon right (not power), which requires justice and balance.
  2. It encourages virtue, which spurs mutual affection and love.
  3. It considers life as consisting of mutual help, which leads to unity and solidarity.
  4. It unifies people through a common religion in a common state, leading them to internal peace, and brotherhood and sisterhood, and it creates a willing self-defence against external enemies, guiding people to the truth.
  5. It elevates people, through knowledge and moral perfection, to higher ranks of humanity.

Compiled From:
The Words, "The 12th Word," Said Nursi, p. 147

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