Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cool or Fool?

Our friends can either be the rope that ties us to our faith in Allah, or the knife that cuts any connection we had with our Creator. They are blessings, they are tests. Ask yourself, who are your friends? And more importantly, what kind of friend are you?

“You can do it!”

“I have faith in you!”; “C’mon don’t be a wimp”; "Here, try one”; “If you say no, people will think you’re weird”; “Don’t hang out with those boring, ‘religious’ guys!”

Whether you are in school, college, university, or working in the corporate world, these are the voices of many of the people you interact with. In our teenage culture, which exaggerates the idea of personal freedom and excessive entertainment, you are exposed to Peer Pressure.

You know You are a Victim of Peer Pressure when….

Most teenagers fall into flirting, clubbing, smoking, cursing, cheating, stealing, bullying, gambling, drinking, drugs, pornography and other immoral practices due to negative peer pressure. You know you are a victim of this pressure when you:

  • are curious to try something new because "everyone's doing it";
  • want to be liked, to fit in, to look cool;
  • worry that others will think you are weird or a coward if you resist;
  • say and do things in the group which you would not do on your own;
  • wish your parents should stay out of your ‘social life’;
  • do something without questioning the outcome.
Compiled From:
"Cool or Fool? Choosing the Right Friends" - Young Muslims Publications

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